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    Has anyone ever tried this? It pops up on my Facebook and some of the courses look interesting. Not leaving Liberty Classroom but I have made it through most of the lectures and some of the history courses at Great Courses Plus look good.


    I’ve listened to several of the courses. Their quality is quite uneven. The one on Transcendentalism, for example, isn’t up to much, but the one on the history of English is outstanding.


    I have purchased a number of Great Courses offerings over the years. Most of them have been pretty good. My selections have been from a variety of categories including a fair number of science and mathematics classes. In areas like economics and history you are going to get a view that is similar to what you would get in college classroom so watch out for that.

    Great Courses Plus is more of a subscription model where you pay a monthly or annual fee and can choose from the courses offered — The Liberty Classroom model. It has not been offered long so it is clearly imitating LC.

    I signed up for GCP and have been favorably impressed with the courses offered (a good chunk of The Great Courses catalog including all new courses). Overall, I consider it reasonably good edutainment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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