Grad School in Economics–Suggestions?

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    I have a master’s degree, though it’s in Technical Editing and I’ve never taken a formal course in Economics. I’m considering doing my prereqs (Macro, Micro and Calc) and going for my Ph.D. in Economics, though I’m not certain if there are any programs out there that are Austrian friendly.

    I’ve heard that FSU has some courses in AE, but I thought I would check here first because I don’t want to spend 1000s learning Keynesian or Marxist Economics and at the same time not graduate because my dissertation says something radical like, “Value is subjective” lol.


    American Ph.D. programs in economics are grounded in modelling. Most of your coursework is devoted to mathematics, even in programs that have some Austrian courses. If your willing to accept that as a fact of life, Auburn University is starting up its Ph.D. in economics program after several years without one. Auburn, Alabama has the tremendous advantage of being the home of the Mises Institute. Drs. Mark Thornton, Joe Salerno, and Peter Klein are or soon will be at the MI. It’s likely that they will teach in the Ph.D. program or at least be able to oversee dissertations. Dr. Thornton is currently teaching in the program. I suggest you correspond with him (

    There are two Austrian-friendly European Ph.D. programs. One is at the University of Angers. Dr. Guido Huelsmann teaches and directs dissertations in that program. Less coursework is required than in American Ph.D. programs. Contact Dr. Huelsmann ( about it.

    The other is at Rey Juan Carlos University. Contact Jesus Huerta de Soto ( about his program.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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