Good for a chuckle and a discussion starter on the Presidential Kill List

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    Recently saw this cute pair of videos:

    The Obamikado

    They bring up the question – how is it possible that something like a Kill List can be in place at the command of the President and America just shrugs and goes about it’s business as if this is not a big deal?

    I have to admit that based on hollywood spy thrillers and CIA novels, I have kind of assumed that the government took these sorts of actions as covert operations all the time – but it was never admitted publicly and so, as citizens, we had a form of plausible deniability. Now to have it done so blatantly and publicly we citizens have no cover to rationalize our apathy.

    Of course since discovering the liberty movement and principles of freedom I am distinctly opposed to the spy thriller type of covert operations that I previously took for granted – but how can we get the public to awaken on less complex issues if they wont even cry out against something so blatantly evil as a presidential kill list?


    The public will unfortunately never awaken to the atrocities that the president has committed and will continue to carry out. And if they somehow do, it will be too late by then. Intellectuals like ourselves are able to identify the president as an imposter but the average person will never realize this, partly because they don’t have the capacity to understand it and partly because they are so brainwashed by society.


    How is it possible? Politics. If you remember, during bush there were antiwar protests going on all the time. But now, with Obama simply continuing and ramping up Bush’s policies, you dont hear anything about it. Why? Republicans like war and the democrat base likes democrats no matter what they do.

    Until we can get people to take their political party blinders off, nothing will change.

    This is kind of lie the other day when Hillary said “4 people are dead, What difference does it make now how it happened?” during the Benghazi hearing. If Bush or some republican had said that, it would have been all we heard about for the next month.


    The lyrics for the two videos are great –

    The Lord High Executioner:

    Behold the Lord high executioner!
    Our President a most impressive brother.
    His actions are all constitutional,
    but some are very much more so than others.

    Defer, defer to the Lord high executioner!
    Defer, defer to the noble lord, to the noble lord, to the lord high executioner.

    Taken from my humble plight
    Tele-prompted into power
    People hoped I’d set things right –
    But I changed my mind within the hour.

    The Constitution I once taught,
    claiming we should be protective.
    Now as president I’ve got
    to thinking that it is defective.

    Never before had a dude,
    under such like circumstances
    with such power been embued –
    who could blame my imperial advances!

    Taken from my humble plight
    tele-prompted into power.
    Never before had a dude
    with such power been imbued.

    Defer, defer to the Lord High Executioner!
    Defer, defer to the noble Lord to the noble Lord High Executioner!
    Bow down, bow down to the Lord High Executioner!
    Defer, defer to the noble noble Lord –

    The High Executioner!

    I’ve Got a Little List:

    As someday it may happen that a conflict we must start,
    I’ve got a little list! I’ve got a little list!
    Of America’s detractors who might well be blown apart
    and who’ll certainly be miffed! They’ll certainly be miffed!
    There’s the oil owning foreigners whose skin is rather brown.
    I push a button then a drone will blow up half their town.
    All victims who are blown up too – ‘accomplices’ we’ll call.
    No innocents – just terrorists – we’ll classify them all.
    But wait – the army’s offensives to congress I must tell…
    but not the CIA’s – the drones will fit there swell!

    If the Army flies the drones, then congress he must sway
    so he’ll hide the program deep – deep inside the CIA

    There’s the radical inciter, and the others of great faith,
    and the Pro-Life activist – I’ve got him on the list!
    The whistleblower Wikileaking into cyberspace.
    He can’t escape my fist – I’ve got him on the list.
    The idiot who raises some objection to my plan
    “The constitution guarantees due process” he’ll demand
    “without a trial or a judge to keep the rule of law
    you cannot act as jury judge and executioner!”
    I’m sad to say but, little man, your theory isn’t true
    due process is just this – a process that I do!

    And now you’re on the list! And now you’re on the list!
    ‘Cause the process that he does – that is what due process is!

    And that noncompliant nuisance who is just a waste of space
    the nosey journalist! I’ve got him on the list!
    And the bitter people clinging to their guns and to their faith.
    They never would be missed – our drones just do not miss.
    Those who approve my killing move on foreigners alone
    will see the state expatriate then hit them with a drone.
    And in the end it doesn’t matter what they think is true
    the drones can kill you both abroad and in the homeland too.
    For a nation who gives up their rights and has a monarchist
    may well be on the list – you’re all there on the list!

    He has put us on the list! He has put us on the list!
    For the tyranny we bought, will rule with an iron fist!

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