George Washington wounded or not?

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    In one of the early lectures by Brion on American Colonial History, he mentions the young Washington as a Major, being wounded 4 times and almost dying. This brought to mind a story that David Barton (aka Glenn Beck’s resident historian) tells of Washington being shot at and missed (I think 4 times as well) and knowing he was missed because of muskett ball holes in his coat.

    Dr McClanahan mentions Washington having some holes in his garments from missed rounds too but also that others struck him and almost killed him.

    In David Barton’s story, he portrays it as miraculous that Washington is not hit at all and then tells of an Indian Chief who basically prophesizes that Washington was spared by the Great Spirit to be a future Great Chief of the white man in a new nation.

    I’m surmizing that Barton’s version is referring to the same incident that is in Brion’s lecture. But now I’m thinkning that Barton has perhaps embellished the history to impress his followers. Do you know if Barton’s version is factual or phony? It’s quite an inspiring story, but is that all it is, a story?


    No Washington was not wounded. I said he was shot four times, but I obviously neglected to clarify that these were misses, not flesh and bone hits. The bullets did pass through his coat, and by default, he did barely make it out of that battle alive.

    Barton is citing a parable about that battle, but Washington himself never mentioned it, neither did anyone else who participated that I can find. Another Barton embellishment I am afraid.


    Thanks, that’s what I suspected.

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