Eisenhower's Death Camps; Other Losses

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    I recently heard of a book called “Other Losses”, authored by a Canadian named James Bacque. He argues that Eisenhower intentionally caused the deaths of German POWs after WWII. Did this really occur?

    I haven’t yet made it to the lectures regarding WWII and Eisenhower, so please let me know if this is covered. Or if Bacque’s book is bunk.


    Without having examined the evidence myself, I can’t say. But this back-and-forth between Bacque and critics may shed some light: http://hnn.us/articles/1266.html


    I’d say if what Bacque says is true then like most of his readers I have to say his estimate of 1 million dead is most likely very skewered and his estimates of death rates are a tangled mess. Not to say he’s completely wrong or his critics as well.

    As for other books on Allied Occupied atrocities there’s his other book:


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