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    If you had to use any of the textbooks on the list linked here (, which might you use based on authors or titles? Or is there another good textbook out there that covers U.S. history? I just need something to get an “okay” from College Board.


    I’ve been trying to ask around but haven’t been able to get much for you. All I can share are my own experiences; I’ve used the Brinkley texts and Tindall and Shi. Tindall and Shi was less p.c. when it was just Tindall. Pretty conventional text, as is Brinkley’s, but they will get you the establishment narrative, which is what the College Board wants.


    Thanks, Tom. I’ve started looking at the textbooks that I’ve inherited at the school. AMERICAN REPUBLIC with Appleby, Brinkley and others looks very promising – even has a pretty pro-business slant in the section on industrialization. That’s “since 1877.” The “to 1877” textbook is AMERICAN HISTORY: THE EARLY YEARS by Ritchie and Broussard. I’m yet to dig into that book.


    I just saw this so it might not help now. We use the Kennedy book in my school and regularly see passing rates of 70% and higher. As Tom said about Brinkley (it applies to this as well), it’s a pretty conventional text. I simply tell them during lectures that this is what the College Board wants you to know, but here is the real story… Good luck.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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