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    cartwright of texas

    We’ve graduated 3 homeschoolers already, but I currently have a 15 year old who is a 10th grade homeschooler. I bought lifetime access to these courses, so I also have access to the Ron Paul Western Civ I and II full courses and the Intro to Govt. I’m going to have him do a lesson a day of those courses.

    But I also want him to listen to some of the other courses. So far I’ve listened to the Laura Ingalls Wilder course and part of the 10 best/worst presidents course.

    I have flagged the courses on Logic, Communism, Mythology/Tolkien, Sci Fi I and II and Trails West for him to listen to. I also want him to do a couple economics courses, but not sure which would be best.

    Any courses that you have watched/listened to that you think would be really beneficial, and a great course for a homeschooler?

    My son has a great auditory memory and is interested in politics and history, sci-fi, fantasy


    try the history of economic thought. If your son likes history, he may enjoy learning economics going through its history. I also think Bob is quite charismatic as a teacher. And you may even try to use the history of economics by Rothbard (An Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought) as a textbook, it should be clear enough for a teen.

    EDIT: btw I’m not affiliated with liberty classroom, I don’t know why my name is info to be honest, it wasn’t like this in the old forum. Maybe it’s destiny trying to tell Tom to hire me 😀


    My homeschooled 8th grade daughter and I are enjoying Colonial Latin American History, having emigrated from Canada to Mexico three months ago. If you decide to do it and wish to discuss anything, please reply to this comment.
    Mythology/Tolkien and Logic are on our to-do list too.

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