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    Thank you, Professor Jewett!

    I have listened to both of your Western Civilization courses mostly while doing mundane tasks at work. Although I haven’t been able to dig as deeply into the resources as I would like, I have gained a valuable overview of this subject matter, and experienced many “ah-ha!” moments throughout the courses. I’ve identified areas I want to return to for a deeper study, including some from the important omissions you identified in this final lecture. I really can’t put a price tag on what I’ve gained, and I am so grateful you joined the Liberty Classroom team, and took the time to record these lectures. I especially found the PowerPoints helpful and wish all the courses featured them.

    I dropped out of college midway through my Junior year, but I have had a hunger for learning and a love of history, and so I found this series personally fulfilling.

    You closed each lecture with “Thanks for listening” but I say THANK YOU for speaking!

    Feel free to offer this comment to Tom Woods as a review or recommendation.
    Bonnie Anderson


    PS This understanding of the past has definitely given me a far better grasp and perspective on current events. Thanks again!


    Sounds like an awesome course. I am downloading it now, and look forward to it.

    Jason Jewell

    Bonnie, you’re very welcome, and I’m glad you found the lecture series worthwhile!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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