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    Hi All,

    I was wondering how hard it would be to get transcripts of each of the lectures. I think this would be useful in going back to find a specific fact, person, or reading suggestion without having to watch a 50 minute video, just to find out your watching the wrong one!

    Right now I’m trying to find a early american politician who passed away before his time, but showed signs of being very libertarian. I cannot remember which lecture, I cannot remember any other details, and it is serving quite impossible to locate without retaking the entire course. Any insight into this problem or the possability of getting written transcripts for the courses would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,



    Finn: do you have a time frame? I am sure Kevin, Tom, or I could help narrow it down with a bit more information.


    Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of details. I’m fairly certain that it was a lecture from Professor Gutzman prior to the age of Jackson Lectures and after the Ratification Campaign lecture. As to the man himself, he was only briefly mentioned because he never served a major office, I believe this was due to an untimely death. I also believe the context in the lecture was that he gave some sound advice to a major historical figure. But as I’ve said, it was a very brief mention of him and would be very time consuming to listen to all of the 6 or 7 lectures for the 5 minute mention of this man. I just remember at the time thinking I should research him more and find some of his writings or letters, however I never wrote down his name or put it to firm memory.


    I haven’t ruled out transcripts, but for now I want to devote our resources to additional courses.


    Mr. Woods,

    Would you have any objections if I created and proofed transcripts for classes as I took them and forwarded them to you and the lecturer for final approval? Or even posted them on the forum for the community to proof?


    If anyone was still on the edge of their seats, I made it back through the class to find the man I was looking for. Able P Upshur. My memory was a bit off (few decades or so).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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