Civil War again

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    I just started a TV series on the Civil war called “The civil War – a film by Ken Burns”.

    Have you seen it? The only cause it recognizes as worth mentioning is slavery and the desire to abolish it. It names Lincoln as the greatest President ever. This is surely a big ratings tv documentary and therefore what most people are going to believe.

    What could the reason be to have the other sides of that war hidden from view. What are the interests in holding Abe as mister wonderful? Why would the historians interviewed not have any knowledge of the Imperial motives of the north? Do you think they don’t know, don’t think it’s worth mentioning or that it was edited out by this Burns guy?

    I noticed that Burns is a Democrat and an Obama supporter. Anyway I’m still watching it for what it’s worth even though Im aware that there is some bias.



    Ken Burns is a very good director but very bad historian. With the exception of his documentary on baseball, I would avoid his programs.


    Yeah I got tired of it. I started watching it froma “Let’s see the other side of the argument” point of view but the argument seems to be “South = bad because they had slaves” and “North = good because they wanted to free the slaves and live happily ever after” so now I get where they come from I can go back to my reading list. I’m reading “The PIG to the Civil War at the moment”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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