Chisholm v. Georgia

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    This case has been fascinating to me since the first time I read it, I can easily see that the supreme court may not have had jurisdiction. It’s the things that the justices say about the Sovereignty of the People that is so awesome. I think this case should be at least looked at from what some of the Founders had to say about the People being the Sovereigns of the land. The state of Georgia stated it was sovereign, John Jay,(yes I know there are plenty to say wrong about him and Wilson that I would agree with) said no, the people are over even the states, who created the states, Can the creator be ruled by the created? I think the theory behind the decision should be used and proclaimed, this was one of the first cases that had to do with who was Supreme in the land. The People. And we see the states immediately ratify an amendment to try to strip the people of their Sovereignty.
    Maybe the supreme court lacked jurisdiction, but in my mind the original intent of the order of this new country was acknowledged, that the people are supreme, with no one to rule but themselves.

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