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    I’m trying to create exercises for myself to make sure I have contraposition, obversion, etc down before I move on to the next lecture. So here’s one I created and if it’s wrong in anyway someone please let me know.

    If we start with the proposition. “All heat pumps are airconditioners.”

    H = heat pumps
    S = airconditioners


    Sorry correction..

    H A S = All heat pumps are airconditioners
    ~S A~H = All non-airconditioners are non heat pumps
    ~S E H = No non airconditioners are heat pumps
    H E ~S = No heat pumps are non airconditioners

    LOl so aggravating ….


    Jerryb225: Your worked example is correct. Where ‘-‘ stands for a complement:

    HAS becomes -SA-H, by contraposition (contraposition valid on O and A types)
    -SA-H becomes -SEH by obversion (obversion valid on A, E, I, O)
    -SEH becomes HE-S by conversion, (conversion valid on I and E types) and
    HE-S becomes HAS by obversion (obversion valid on A, E, I, and O)

    I think you’ll agree that it’s not easy to see the equivalency of these four propositions in English!


    thank you very much Dr Casey

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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