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    I am 19 years old and am in the process of figuring out what want to do career wise. I am in community college but I have never been more passionate about anything than I am about libertarianism , particularly Austrian economics. But I don’t know the right path. Being a mises institute fellow would be a dream come true but not the only choice. Any suggestions?


    Thankfully, there are several career paths available in promoting liberty. I recommend that you play to your strengths. If your comparative advantage is in scholarship and high theory, aim for a professorship. If you’re gifted in math, become an economics professor. If not, go for political science, law, literature, etc. If your comparative advantage is in writing, then become a journalist or novelist or write books about topics of interest from a libertarian perspective. If you have a heart for charity, then pioneer voluntary associations to provide aid to people in need. If you’re entrepreneurial, become the next Tom Woods or just make a pile of money and donate it to support others who advocate liberty in their writing and speaking.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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