Caesar Augustus and the apparent restoration of republicanism in 27 BC

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    Dr. J,

    You mentioned that Caesar Augustus was very popular, so the people must have approved of the actions he took.

    But what I’m unsure about is the extent to which the Roman people actually believed in Augustus’s restoration of the Republic? Or did they know it was more about the appearance of republicanism?

    I.e., was he popular because the people thought he had actually restored the republic?


    Jason Jewell

    His popularity stemmed mainly from his ending of the frequent civil wars of the previous century. I don’t recall saying that “the people must have approved of the actions he took.” Can you point me to the specific part of the video you’re referencing?


    Not only did Augustus end the civil wars, but he brought enormous booty to Rome from Egypt and elsewhere. Who needs republicanism when you can have free goodies? Not for nothing did Tacitus consider his contemporaries degenerate.


    Dr J, You didn’t say that they approved his actions, that was my inference since he was popular.

    So it mainly comes down to ending the civil wars and booty. Got it.

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