Business Cycle Part I

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    Dear Jeff, Just wanted to comment on this lesson–I am blown away by this information. By far this has been the most enlightening and fulfilling for the reason of current events of the lessons I have went through so far. Before the last presidential election, I heard a certain financial talk show host make a rather desperate sounding plea to Ron Paul and his supporters to condemn the Mises Institute with the excuse of some racist accusation. I knew then that there was something wrong with his tone and remarks; now, I am certain it’s because he knows the Austrian economists eviscerate his and probably his mentors’ monetary position. Please take heart that a person with modest intellect and IQ can reason and not be intimidated by others who claim superiority and have more of a foothold on society. Thank you and Dr. Woods (and many others) for your faith in us. Sincerely, Patricia


    Dear Patricia, Many thanks for your kind remarks.

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