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    So far I’m loving the Liberty Classroom series. I have listened to the U.S. Constitutional History, U.S. History to 1877, and am nearly through the U.S. History since 1877.

    One thing that is really bothersome, though, is the audio quality.

    My current setup has been to download the MP3 files (the ZIPPED archives), dump them into iTunes, and then load them on my iPhone for listening at home, in the car, whenever I have time to kill. This is how I listen to podcasts and audio books, and it works well.

    I have found, though, that the lecture audio quality varies greatly, sometimes, from lecture to lecture. On average, Brion McClanahan’s lectures are coming through pretty clearly, but some of the other lectures, particularly Kevin Gutzman’s, seem to have a lot of audio clipping, noise, etc. in them. In addition, no one seems to have taken the time to “normalize” the volume on these things so that I’m not listening to a whisper-quiet lecture one moment and then diving for the volume control when it switches to the next lecturer and I’m being blasted out of my car seat.

    This seems to have been most dramatic and problematic on the U.S. Constitutional History series, but is still significant on the U.S. History pre and post 1877 series as well.

    I’m no audio expert, but some of these issues seem to be recording at the source, such as lack of an adequate microphone or recording environment, while others would be correctable on editing. I have not viewed the videos that correspond, but would assume they are the same.

    Or am I the only one who has had this problem?

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