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    Great lecture series, I’ve learned a great deal. Thanks! About the period 1000-1300…As you explained, this was a time of population growth and some important technological advancement in agriculture. Usually when we see things like this, it’s concurrent with greater property rights and control over one’s produce (e.g., as in the enclosure movement). Was there any movement toward this during this period, or is it just attributable to more favorable circumstances (e.g.., improved climate, abatement of invasions) Also, at what point do we start seeing competition in agriculture from outside of the manor? Thank you again very much.

    Jason Jewell

    Thanks for your kind words about the lecture series!

    Competition in agriculture would have been very limited throughout this period. Generally the only imported foods were spices, luxury goods only the nobility could have afforded in small quantities.

    In terms of property rights, there is slow but gradual movement toward the abolition of serfdom in Western Europe. This picks up as the use of money becomes more common late in the period and landlords see the value of making a transition from in-kind services to money rents.

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