Reply To: Teaching opportunity and assistance needed


Dr. J,

The book does not seem to bad at first glance. Here is the required syllabus:
week 1-2: Introduction Theories of History, Rome and its Relation to the World
week 3: Early Middle Ages
week 4: Feudalism
week 5-6: Towns, trade ,Universities
week 7: The turbulent 14th Century
week 8:-9: The Renaissance
week 10-11: The Reformation
week 12: Proto industrialization as a step to a global world.
week 13: Absolutism and the nation state in contrast to other systems of governance
week 14-15: Limited monarchy and the origins of liberal democracy.

It seems like it glosses over many important aspects ie.The Greek’s, Hebrews Crusades etc.. Any suggestions on supplemental readings, movies, articles?

I appreciate the suggestions. I want to give a first rate course.