Reply To: State controlled education


McDermott, I am a high school math teacher and quite new to the liberty movement, but here is my two cents. Any indictments or critiques of public education are not personal attacks on you or other skilled teachers. Rather, they are an attack on the wasteful bureaucracy and awful policies so often associated with public schools (tenure for life, useless regulations, enormous pensions, union-negotiated starting salaries). Your skills as a teacher are certainly needed in the world. The point is that a freer market for schooling would still require good teaching and would weed out lots of the bad garbage and wasteful spending that weighs us down.

Also, it would foolish to say that public schools destroy all families. However, the main point is that MORE CHOICE for families regarding their child’s education and jobs they can work at a young age would make them better off. The market can provide for people’s needs when they can cast their vote by choosing to pay for an option in the marketplace. But when they are forced by government mandate into a single option (unless they have a bunch of extra money for private school), there is no room for the market to work.