Reply To: Recommended Colleges for a Student?


I second Grove City College. It certainly couldn’t hurt to study under Prof. Herbener. I’d also check out Loyola University, New Orleans. As I understand it, the faculty there is virtually all Austrian and certainly 100% free market oriented. At Loyola, you’d have a chance to study with “Mr. Libertarian” himself – Prof. Walter Block. Of course, Dr. Block would say that the title of “Mr. Libertarian” will always belong to Murray Rothbard.

Speaking of Rothbard (faculty and other members can correct me if I’m wrong), if you are more inclined towards the work of Hayek, then GMU would be a good place to look. But if you’re more of a Misesian/Rothbardian, then you might want to seriously consider Loyola, New Orleans, as Rothbard was Dr. Block’s mentor and I believe Prof. Block even got a chance to meet Mises himself.

Other schools to consider would be Troy University and (oddly enough) Texas Tech University.