Reply To: Puritan Society & New England


Eric and Penman, my apologies for taking so long to get back to you; I actually didn’t understand how the forums worked. I was just clicking on the most recent post, it turns out, and not looking at all the topics that had been posted on.

I would recommend looking at Murray Rothbard’s four-volume history of colonial America, Conceived in Liberty, which has a good treatment of the long-term repercussions in the colonies of the Glorious Revolution. You can find a one-volume edition of Rothbard’s work online here:

On the morals of the Dutch, a key issue was Sabbath observance. Puritan and non-Puritan Englishmen alike were scandalized by the Dutch treatment of the Sabbath, which many Englishmen said was treated as if it were just another day, and on which men did not necessarily abstain from labor.