Reply To: Media consolidation and a call for regulation


I was lying in bed and, in thinking this over, I am thinking that the idea of pressing for decentralized media would be in agreement with my belief in more decentralized government and federalism. But I would like more input from the brilliant minds that are behind this website. I think someone could score more political points from the left if we emphasized the benefits of the few areas of regulation we DO believe in. Because when you mention “deregulation” to the average person many people get nervous about that word and quickly bring up Wall Street and, as I’ve demonstrated, the media as well. Is it time to usher in a new era of media decentralization? I believe it is. The Internet is becoming a new frontier of sorts to break through the barriers to knowledge that were once present in past decades but it’s not as influential yet on the masses as the current mainstream media (print, radio, television; all forms). Maybe that will change but I don’t have the patience to watch this unfold at a snails pace.