Reply To: Lecture3 Egypt – Pyramids


I started with Western Civilization I. I figured chronologically it starts first anyway so I might as well start with that. I began taking lessons in January as part of my New Years Resolution.
I came in knowing absolutely nothing. Made a lot of progress so far. Doing a video or 2 each day sounded easy enough in my mind but eventually I had to take an occasional break from all this new information. I’ve watched all these videos multiple times plus I’m taking Western Civilization with Tom Woods at Ron Paul Curriculum as well. Hearing it over and over helps to remember it.

History used to be my least favorite subject back in HS. When I found out I was libertarian (a few years ago) I started getting more into politics and I realized how important knowing history and economics were to fully understanding a lot of the things people are talking about.

I guess it’s just as well that we took an interest in these subjects later on and are learning them from trustworthy sources as opposed to believing what left-biased institutions would have us believe.

Yea, I don’t think a degree in liberal arts is something that is really in demand. I’m going back to grad school to get my masters in Accounting. I know there is good demand for that.