Reply To: Lecture3 Egypt – Pyramids


How do you know dinosaurs never existed with man? Were you there? We have been indoctrinated by the textbooks to believe that dinosaurs never existed with man but the Bible tells us something much different. I am not wanting to get into a debate over the age of the Earth, although I could if I wanted. I believe there is plenty of evidence that dinosaurs existed right along with man and it is even possible some of them are still alive today. In regards to your question about how the Egyptians might have trained and tamed the dinosaurs, no one really knows. We must not assume that dinosaurs acted like what we see in Hollywood on the big screen. Their temperament might have been something totally different then what our preconceived notions would indicate. How do circus performers train elephants, tigers, lions…? There probably wouldn’t be much difference between training a lion and training a dinosaur. None of us will ever know exactly how the Egyptians built the pyramids but I think it is naïve of you to totally dismiss the possibility that the Earth may not be millions of years old and that the dinosaurs couldn’t have possibly existed with man. Thank You for your reply and I hope I don’t offend you by my comments. I have plenty of information about the age of the earth and dinosaurs if you would like to further explore the topic.