Reply To: Jacksonian America


Thank you! I’ve added that to the wish list as well. I’ve recently decided not to take the next term for school. The family and I should be relocating to Florida and I’m just worn out from all the course work! I got my A.S. in General Education with a History focus back in may and maybe I’m just a little burned out! Normally I have a week or two between each term and other than that I’m in school full time. I started back in August of 2012 and have been at it the whole time. I imagine it is much easier to go to school when one is younger and before they start out in life. Haha, being an adult learner is such a juggling exercise!

That all said, it frees up a lot of time to tackle my personal reading list. I’m going to order the two books you have mentioned this month along with Albion’s Seed. I’d like to read those in the coming months. I’ll let you know if I a particular group peeks my interest. From what was mentioned in Howe’s work I’m interested in the Anti-Mission Baptists, Millerites, and Seventh-Day Adventists.

I’m interested in those groups because I got the feeling that the Second Great Awakening was generally a departure from heavy theology and an embrace of emotional appeal and delivery. The groups I’ve mentioned seemed as though they rejected the Arminianism that was so popular at the time. Something about going against the majority draws my attention.

Maybe I’ve gotten this all wrong and mixed up but I find the research and study that comes from interest most of the fun! Haha.