Reply To: Introductions


Hello all,

My name is Randy Butler, live in Longview, Texas. I am 43 years old, no college but I have a vast life education. I wont burden you with my life history but I am a former neocon who was cured from my apathy last year. Since, I have tried as much as I can to relearn history and to know what true patriotism is outside of towing a party line.

I want to thank all those that have worked so hard putting this website together. I know I have enjoyed every lecture I have watched. I have also ordered several of the books mentioned to further my reeducation. I have also tried my best in putting the word out about this site. Had one referral join the very day I did.

Hopefully more people will wake up from their apathy and may just maybe, the next revolution will be sooner than later.

Thanks again to you all.

Randy Butler