Reply To: Introductions


hi, my name is David, been in math and science my whole career, PhD in radiation physics working at a hospital cancer care center treating cancer patients with external beam radiation. only recently became interested in American History, politics, etc. now that I have some extra time (ashamed to say), but thank goodness for satellite radio and internet and this “true” sensible commentary by such esteemed authors. Currently reading “The Founding Fathers guide to the Constitution”, Brion McClanahan and “Rethinking the American Union for the Twenty-First Century, Donald Livingston.

what bothers me is while growing up (way before Internet, cell phones, etc. actually an Encyclopedia user) I would hear one party’s side of the story and then the other’s and believed them both so I was left not really understanding the process. I want to believe that today’s youth is more informed, I fear not.

I’m excited about digging into these courses, nice to meet everyone.
and a huge kudos for the this website and all it’s brainiacs