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Hello, My name is Manny Fernandez and I am from Florida. I am in IT and spent the last 20 years reading about technology and a card carrying member of the Republican party. I always knew I did not agree with the Republicans and I knew I did not agree with the Democrats. I was in limbo. One day, I read Atlas Shrugged and my life was changed. I felt like I found a long lost family member that knew everything I thought. I later found Dr. Paul and that was the turning point for me. I have dedicated the alst 5 years of my life’s free time to reading. I stopped wathcing Fox except for Stossel and The Judge. I have read everything I can find from Woods, Gutzman, McClanahan, Mises, Hayek, our founding fathers and cant get enough. I hope to gain more knowledge with regards to our founding. I believe you cant know where you are going if you dont know where you have been. Hope to engage with all members here. Already did the Colonial Background video. AWESOME! Thanks