Reply To: Introductions


Hi everyone! My name is Matej Ogorevc, I’m 27 and I am from Slovenia, a small country of 2 million in Southern Central Europe (we used to be the northmost country of ex Yugoslavia), we’ve been a member of EU since 2004.

I received a BA in economics from the local Faculty and later enrolled into a masters program called Money and Finance here, a masters in mainstream macroeconomics, but dropped out rather quickly since it was predominantly a course in advanced mathematics, and also for lack of time.

I own a business with my brother which we inherited from our mother and we deal predominantly in importing, wholesaling and retailing sewing machines and related products, though we had to expand into various other fields since the crisis took away a big portion of our existing business. We work pretty much round the clock for a salary every factory worker would go on a strike for to keep the business afloat.

I am also a musician, played guitar in a rock band for 10 years and I still do a bit of playing and recording in my spare time. When I was a kid of 2 and 1/2 years my family moved to Berkeley for a year, which is where I learned the language and ever since I have this strong urge to go back one day and live there. Though I have to say it has been relenting lately due to all the developments you are no doubt familiar with. I have two blogs on economics, one in English and one in Slovene.

I am here because I have this weird obsession for obtaining knowledge in economics and history that isn’t shared by most of the people I know. When I was in college most of the info I got either did not make complete sense or was contradictory (big news, right). Fortunately I stumbled across a book called Empire of Debt, which for the first time made a lot of sense to me even as it is not an Austrian book. But I started researching a bit and found Peter Schiff’s videos on YouTube where he once said something to the tune “that’s not why we had the depression, read Rothbard’s book”. The rest is history.

I have this romantic notion that we can change things so I came here to get the tools, meet like-minded people and get in contact with some of the teachers who have inspired me and from whom I have learned so much in the past.