Reply To: Introductions


My name is Thomas Bivens and I am college graduate with an IT background currently seeking work. My introduction to the Liberty was, like most people, through Ron Paul.
A friend had posted a Ron Paul vid on his facebook wall and I have been watching them ever since. My introduction to Tom was through Lew Rockwell’s speech at Rally for the Republic when i watched it on CSPAN. I now have in favorites and check it everyday. From there I ended up following all the major players in the Liberty Movement.
I had always loved history, and Tom (along with others like Dilorenzo and the Professors here like Jewell) provided a refreshing view of history. I now qoal finding myself listening to many videos over the course of my day.

Cannot wait for the economics course.

My only further suggestion would be to have a forum for Course Suggestions(example:Health and Fitness with Mark Sisson)