Reply To: Introductions


Hi everyone. My name is Randall Malboeuf and I’m from Massachusetts. I was an apethetic Republican for most of my life. I was under the false impression that the left was bad and the right was good. The left was big government and the right was small. I guess it is easy to think that way if you don’t pay attention and just go by each party’s rhetoric.

My family started getting interested in what we considered healthy eating and we discovered how corrupt and inefficient the federal agencies involed with food and health were. The FDA, USDA etc… At that point I only believed that it was limited to some agencies but I quickly discovered that it applied to all of government. It was a constant letter writing campaign to get them to stop some piece of legislation. At that time I noticed that there was this Congressman in Texas who always seemed to be on our side but I didn’t really pay too much attention to him until 2007 when I started following his run for the presidency. What an awakening that was.

Through following Ron Paul I was led to great organizations like The Mises Institute, and The Independant Institute and great freedom fighters like Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Robert Higgs and all the great writers at Lew’s site. I started reading everything from these guys and everything they recommended I read. I took a bunch of Mises Academy classes when they started up and now I am here and I would say that I am more excited about Liberty Classroom than I have been about anything up to this point.

I’ve read most of Tom’s books and have some more in my pile to read. I have a couple of Kevin’s books in that pile as well. I’ve listened to countless hours of Tom’s speeches and can not think of anyone else I would like to learn from more.

I’m looking forward to the days of real education that are ahead of me.