Reply To: Introductions


My name is Eric Cullen. I live in Massachusetts and am currently working at Dunkin Donuts as a cashier/server. I love to play and write music for the guitar and keyboard which I started a couple years ago. I also write poetry on many subjects, of which I have written one on Chairman Bernanke showing how evil he is with my rhymes, that I might even show if a thread gets started showcasing people’s art on liberty.

I have always been about freedom, growing up as a happy child who knew that I was my own end and everyone their own, so liberty came easy to me. Thankfully I have always based ideas on facts and have been skeptical of government. Knowledge of the Federal Reserve came from the documentary The Money Masters, which then opened the door to Ron Paul and others. I have read most of Ayn Rand, and have started much of my own research on Western Civilization. I highly recommend Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal by Ayn Rand.