Reply To: History Channel: The Men who built America


I don’t think Tom would deny anything of that really. I recall Prof. Woods recommending G.Edward Griffins Creature from Jekyll Island. That book is much more explosive than anything Rothbard wrote(not a digg at Rothbard but simply stating that Griffin goes far into conspiracy in that book.)

Sort of related but here is a piece by Alexander Tabarrok on Morgan vs the Rockefellers:
Now Tabarrok of course runs the one of the biggest economic blogs in the world with Tyler Cowen. Tried searching for more of Tabarrok on similar issues but couldn’t find any.

I don’t think Rockefeller had anything to do with the Great Depressions origin. If anything it was Morgan men who ran the FED especially their chairman at the time. According to Griffins book which is pretty well documented it happened because the Morgan men around the FED were anglophones and England was losing gold to America at the time because of Englands mistaken monetary policy and appeasment of the unions. The FED chairman and the Bank of England Chairman were close. Essentially Griffins argument is that the Morgan crowd(and by proxy America) helped/subsidized England.