Reply To: Gods infinite logic?


I think there are some missing steps in that proof, some of which are epistemological and a couple of which are purely logical.

It’s not that there’s nothing to the steps in that argument if it is put the right way and the gaps in the argument filled in.

I’d recommend checking out this and/or this.

As for “already been done,” I’ll indulge in a timeless quote:

Mr. Garrison: That is very impressive, Eric. What do you intend to do with your underwater society?
Cartman: I’m gonna send a message to my people and tell ’em to develop a great machine that will shrink me down to their size, so I can live amongst them forever.
Butters: [sensing a chance to retort] Aha! Ahaha! Ahahahaha!
Cartman: What the hell is wrong with you, Butters?
Butters: They did that on the Simpsons! Ha! Treehouse of Horror! Episode 4F02! The Genesis tub. Lisa loses a tooth, and the bacteria on it start to grow, and makes a little society, and they build a statue of her thinking she’s God! Ha! Hahaha!
Cartman: [everyone is silent for a few seconds, then] …So?
Kyle: …Yeah. So?
Cartman: Dude, the Simpsons have done everything already. Who cares?
Stan: Yeah, and they’ve been on the air for like, thirteen years. Of course they’ve done everything.
Mr .Garrison: Every idea’s been done, Butters, even before the Simpsons.
Chef: Yeah. In fact, that episode was a rip-off of a Twilight Zone episode.
Butters: Really? So I shouldn’t care if I come up with an idea, and the Simpsons already did it. It… uh…doesn’t… matter. [smiles. Everything before him is back in South Park-style] Everything is back to normal, a, I think… I think I can go back to tryin’ to destroy the world again.
Chef: Good for you!
Cartman: Yeah, that’s great Butters. Now get the hell out of my room.
Butters: [heads for the door] I feel like a spring chicken. I’m ready to wreak havoc once again! [runs out of the room. Dougie stays behind]

Wise words. Wise words indeed.