Reply To: God and Abstract Objects


Hi osgood401 thanks for the reply.

I believe what you have explained above is what is commonly referred to as the “Primacy of existence metaphysics (PoE)” verses “The primacy of consciousness metaphysics (PoC)”. If the former is the case I can see no rational inconsistencies. It also requires fewer assumptions. If the latter is the case then more questions need to be answered. For example you said…

[quote]What should be immediately obvious about this is that consciousness would not only be the creator of existence but also the sustainer.[/quote]

The first question that comes to my mind here is that if you hold the PoC consistent then what accounts for the “supreme consciousness”? (for lack for a better term) “It was aware of itself” seems to be too convenient and easy of an answer. An answer that itself raises more questions. Such as, how can a consciousness with nothing to be conscious of identify itself as conscious to begin with? If running is the action of legs then consciousness is the action of a mind. It seems to me to speak of a consciousness with no substance or existence not only needs a myriad of more assumptions but is in fact contradictory.