Reply To: Dr. J, Question on the Lectures


Well, as far as the Russia since 1861 I did find a couple of things to help with my term paper. My topic is the Last Tsar, particularly the Imperial Couple. I found an open Yale lecture which the professor basically claimed the couple got what was coming to them in the end – not very pleasant really… I also found an A&E biography about the last Tsar which had some of the British Royal family in it to assist with the story telling. That one came across as the Royals merely got bad advice and were out of touch. I talked to my professor over the phone about it and he said those are the most common view points on the couple. It is the same professor from my previous Europe class and he enjoyed my term paper last time around (Italian Unification). He said if I paraphrase more and work on my prose (at times it is admittedly awkward) then I should do fine with this paper.

I did find a few narratives about Modern Russia, but as you say, there was not anything great. I’m just going to have to do old school style of learning and hit the books; the professor’s lectures, assigned text, and google to search for clarification. I am using some of your later lectures, unfortunately, they take some broad strokes so it’s really just peripheral this time around.

As for my term paper, I purchased the books you had listed in your Russian Revolution lecture as they were also cited by my professor. I also purchased books that were recommended due to my purchases by Amazon and if the authors had other works for the same subject. Is there anything that pops into your head concerning the last Tsar that may help?