Reply To: General discussion


I am a new member here and have begun listening to the articles by Mr. Jewel regarding the Christian Era.
I am curious about the purpose. Is it strictly for educational purposes, and if so, is there any place for
comment about the conclusions being put forth. There are statements made that are contrary to what is
stated in the Scriptures and I would like to know if they can be challenged. I am not here to try and start
any fights or arguments, although in my Rheims translation of the Latin Vulgate the epistles are all
preceded by “The argument” meaning what the particular writing is about. I do feel it is the most important
subject before the world and therefore of vital importance to all people. More-so than any political,
economical, cultural or other subject you can name.
I realize that that is a very profound statement and that few care to even have a discussion about it, but
Scripture itself backs that statement up.
I do not know if a forum for as subject like this is welcomed or discouraged but would like to know.
Thank you for any comments or suggestions.