Reply To: Fuzzy Logic and Predictions for an Economy


Dear Mr Lewis,

I’ve just come across your contribution of last November (!) and, as no one else has responded, I thought I’d make a few comments.

Like you, I have been fascinated by the idea of a logic which would deal with relationships between classes whose boundaries are less rigid and demarcated than those with which traditional logic, in its various varieties, concerns itself. This has particular application to the Sorites argument which suggests that if you can travel from A to B on a continuum, then there is no real difference between what one can find in the continuum’s extremes.

I think that you are probably right in thinking that the actual economy is characterised by ‘noisy data’ which makes it a prime candidate for a fuzzy logic, if ever there was one.

However, I don’t know of any economists, still less Austrians, taking such an approach.

Your contribution has stimulated me to go back and take a look, once again, at this material.

I wish I could have been more helpful but your comments/questions have reawakened my interest.

Best wishes,

Gerard Casey