Reply To: Just finished your lectures on Marxism.


Dear Pacopasa,

I am delighted to hear that you are finding the material on political thought satisfactory. You would be surprised to learn how few times writers or broadcasters get positive reactions to their work (or, indeed, any reaction) so positive feedback such as yours is very welcome.

I have written up the material in the lectures, added some new chapters, and included a lot more material in some other chapters, including the one on Marx. This will be published in the very near future under the title Liberty’s Progress? Also, if you’re interested in anarcho-capitalism, there are many good books available to take you further in your investigations, including my own modest effort, Libertarian Anarchy which you can get, post-free, from the Book Depository.

Some years ago, three students came to me and asked me if I would moderate a reading group they were going to set up on Austrian Economics. I agreed, and asked them what they wanted to read. To my astonishment (and delight!) they plumped for Man, Economy and State. We spent a happy year reading it together.