Reply To: Three different titles in the zip files


There are also two author/artist settings, I think–some are Robert Murphy and some are Liberty Classroom.

On OS X, I still ended up with a split even when I set all the albums to the same, etc.

If there are OS X users that want it pulled in as a single album, this should work:

zip archive for OS X

If you just unpack that archive, then use “Add to library” in iTunes, then browse to the folder, it will import as a single (music) album.

Might work for others as well, you’re welcome to try. This link is intended only for people with access to Liberty Classroom, it should go without saying. Also, it’s taking up a nontrivial portion of my google drive capacity, so if whoever maintains this could let me know when they’ve fixed the downloadable archive, I would like to take it down at some point.