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“Tom Woods and the rest of the faculty at Liberty Classroom are crazy. They are practically giving mountains of great information away for free. I’ve learned more in the couple of months that I’ve been a member than I did during my entire graduate program. Skip Starbucks a couple of times a month, and it pays for itself.” –Levi Jackson

“After discovering Tom Woods, my knowledge and understanding of economics and American history have expanded further than I ever cared to explore and now I’m hooked on learning the whole picture. One of the most valuable resources that I use in my studies today is the archive of lectures available at Tom Woods’s LibertyClassroom.com. If you want to learn about real American history then look no further.” –Matt Perry

“I’ve learned so much about history that they don’t teach in the public schools…. For anybody wanting to learn more about world history and economics this site is great. It has hours and hours of content and the individuals teaching the courses really know their stuff.” –Mark Robinson

“For me, the best thing about Liberty Classroom is the immediate access to each of the professors. Trying to understand new information can be confusing and on many websites, chances that the actual “expert” will get back to you are slim to none. Not so with Liberty Classroom! They host monthly web chats and the professors respond to each of the forum questions and discussions. Getting a little bit of personal attention as opposed to being an anonymous user relying on the intelligence of the general community really makes Liberty Classroom an invaluable asset in the quest for knowledge.” –Haley Heathman

“Liberty Classroom, for me, has been a true blessing. Given the vast array of historical knowledge at your fingertips, great lectures/suggested reading and easy access to the professors via the forums, the annual fee is a drop in the bucket. I highly recommend signing up!” –Harry Balsagna

“A fantastic site with a great variety of video lectures on history and Austrian economics from some of the top Academic minds in the field. If you want real, unvarnished historical fact, and an understanding of real free market economics, Liberty Classroom is the place to get it.” –Carl Jones

“I’ve been loading up each half hour lesson on my iPod and listen when I can… it’s strictly go at your own pace. Enjoy!” –Greg Morin

“What a great tool for home schooling. I only wish it had been around when we began homeschooling 20 years ago! Great tool for new home schooling parents with high school students.” –Mark Kreslins

“This site is perfect. I downloaded the .mp3 zip files and I listen to them in my car on the way home from work. I go to the videos when I get home, and surf through the Forum boards to fill in some gaps. The response time is great and I’ve seen great discussions. I can’t wait to see how the site grows. It’s really helping to retrain my brain.” –Maureen Las Hornecker

“Liberty Classroom provides convenient and affordable lectures, but also access to materials for deeper study. Through the forums, I also have the ear of real giants in the liberty movement.” –Johnny Peters

“I subscribed to Liberty Classroom to balance what my son is ‘learning’ from his high school AP history and government classes. I spend as much time using the resources as my son. We are thrilled with the content and webcasts.” –Mike Amendola

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