We’re Now Offering 50% Commissions to Affiliates

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You’re walking down the street, and you get an email saying you’ve just earned $59.50. Or you wake up in the morning and discover you earned $44.50 while you were asleep.

No, this isn’t crazy talk. It’s the Liberty Classroom affiliate program, which just got a big boost. Join our affiliate program by clicking here and signing up. If someone joins LibertyClassroom.com via your link, you earn a 50% commission! (We used to give 30% commissions, but what fun is that?)

Our Basic plan is $89, and our Basic Plus plan is $119. Every time someone clicks on your link and buys one of those products, you get 50% of the dough. See how that can add up?

As you know, LibertyClassroom.com is a very high-quality product, so you can promote it with confidence.

I have a lot of experience as an affiliate myself. If you’d like to learn more about being a successful affiliate — and the more successful you are, the more successful I am, so we’re in this together — I recommend IM Affiliate Funnel, a quick and efficient training program. Kevin Fahey actually knows what he’s talking about. The better trained you are as an affiliate, the more successful Liberty Classroom will be. He’s raising the price after tonight, so it’s worth looking at.

Who doesn’t like earning surprise money at random times? Join the Liberty Classroom affiliate program!

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