Our Austrian Economics Course Is Here!

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Remember the course in Austrian economics we promised you? It’s here ahead of schedule! Check out our Courses page.

That means the benefits of membership at Liberty Classroom now include:

  • instantly downloadable courses in U.S. history
  • instantly downloadable courses in Western civilization
  • an instantly downloadable course in Austrian economics
  • regularly scheduled live Q&A sessions with faculty
  • discussion forums where you can interact with other members and ask questions of faculty
  • recommended (and reliable) readings to accompany every lecture
  • all lectures available in video or audio format, according to your preference
  • still more material to be added in the future
  • all courses taught by a faculty you can trust

If you haven’t already, join us today! And members: we’ll be having a live Q&A with Professor Herbener, who teaches our brand new Austrian economics course, on June 20, so save the date!

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