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We’re thrilled to announce that our ninth course is ready for viewing or download by members: “Freedom’s Progress: The History of Political Thought, Part I,” by Professor Gerard Casey of University College, Dublin. Check out the topics below! (For our other courses, click here.)

Not yet a member? Our Black Friday promotion — 35% off with coupon code CLASS (all caps) — ends today, December 2, 2013, so click here to join now! Gift subscriptions are also available at the reduced rate.

Now for the course topics:

Pre-and Early History

In the Beginning
Gardens of Eden
Some Early Civilisations
The Emergence of the Ruling Class
What a Piece of Work is Man


The Sophists and the Polis
The Sophists on Law and Nature


The Republic (1)
The Republic (2)
Statesman and Laws


Polis and Slavery
Chrematistics, Economics and Politics


Slavery—Natural or Conventional?
Slavery—Stoic, Jewish and Christian Views

Hellenistic and Roman Philosophy

Epicureanism, Scepticism and Stoicism
Seneca and the Roman Lawyers


Scriptural Interpretation and Samuel
Romans 13 et al.


City of God, City of the Earth
The State as Thieftaker

Early Medieval Thought

After Rome
Slavery, Authority and Justice
The Universities and the Cities
Feudalism and the Law
Kingship and John of Salisbury

Thomas Aquinas

Sources of Political Authority
Sacred and Secular, Tyranny (and an aside on Sir John Fortescue)
Slavery, Property, Usury and Heresy

Marsilius of Padua

Intimations of Modernity
The Defender of the Peace
Valentior Pars


Christian? Aristotelian?

Medieval Economics

Money and Usury
Utility, Value and Price

The Reformation

Wycliffe & Luther
Luther; Radical Reformers

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