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Good news!

First, we have found a new platform for the live Q&A sessions, which are a special feature for our Basic Plus and Master members. What an ordeal.

We’ve used Spreecast (out of business), Webinar Ninja (great, but unreliable; sometimes guests inexplicably can’t be brought onto the screen), Webinar JEO, and now, at last, Webinar Jam.

The session takes place tomorrow tonight (July 13) at 8:30pm Eastern Time. Joining me will be Professors Kevin Gutzman and Jason Jewell.

You do need to register for the event. If you’re a Basic Plus or Master member, sign in to your account at and register for our Q&A by clicking the link you’ll find at

If you’re a Basic member and would like to upgrade your membership so you can attend these live sessions, you can do so here:

Second happy thing: Bob Murphy just submitted the first half of his next course on the history of economic thought; we’ll have it up and running for you shortly. The rest of the course will be completed in short order.

Finally, in case you haven’t heard, my podcast, the Tom Woods Show, is fast approaching its 1000th episode. I’m having a free event in Orlando in September on the occasion of episode #1000, and I’d love to have you join me. As I said, it costs you nothing, but I do need you to register:

See you at the Q&A!

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