Mythology and Western Civilization: From Plato to Tolkien-Mobile

  1. Why Mythology Matters
  2. Logos and Mythos
  3. Heraclitus and Stoicism
  4. Zeno and Stoicism
  5. Virgil and George Washington
  6. Virgil and Livy
  7. Cicero and the Natural Law
  8. Cicero and the Natural Law, Part II
  9. Sanctifying the Pagan
  10. The City of God and the Divine Comedy
  11. Why Tolkien Despised Democracy
  12. Tolkien and Imagination
  13. Tolkien and World War I
  14. Tolkien and Mythology I
  15. Tolkien and Mythology II
  16. Tolkien and Free Will
  17. Tolkien and Heroism