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Chad Nelson writes, in an email titled “So pleased…”:

…and I’m only two lectures into the early  colonial history of the US.  I signed up because of my affinity for Dr Woods, and was lukewarm to hearing the other professors.  Not because I doubted their abilities–just because I love and know Woods and his work.  By the time I heard McClanahan’s first two lectures, I was wishing he’d just do the whole course he was so good!  Love the guy already!  Great presentation and such a deep knowledge base and understanding of the subject matter.  I am so excited to rip through these courses it’s not even funny.

Kenn Williamson writes:

Liberty Classroom fills a desperate need in history teaching.  Anyone who wants to learn the true story of American and world history should sign up immediately.  The price is a steal.  Tom Woods and company should have their heads examined for practically giving away college level lectures on real history.

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