The Woods/Keiser Debate, and the Knowledge-Beats-Name-Calling Book Giveaway

I made this page to accompany my video on my ongoing dispute with RT host Max Keiser:

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Now to the Keiser/Woods exchange:

(1) It all began with this segment on RT, alleging major differences between Carl Menger, founder of the Austrian School of economics, and Ludwig von Mises, perhaps the School’s most famous twentieth-century representative.

(2) I in turn explained that any such differences were trivial, and that both Keiser and his guest were either confused or in some cases directly contradicting what Mises himself had written.

(3) Keiser then posted “Tom Woods’ Blunders,” and alleged that I, too, was a “fake” Austrian economist like Mises, having likewise deviated from Menger.

(4) So I asked him to prove it. I issued “My Challenge to Max Keiser.”

(5) All this time, I am being insulted and called names via the Twitter feeds of both Max and his wife. I do not reciprocate. This is like something out of high school.

(6) Keiser claimed I was “running scared,” even though he still hadn’t answered my challenge. Not sure what I was supposed to be scared of.

(7) As any honest scholar would, I admitted that I may have misinterpreted one of his guest’s points — which was still wrong, but for a different reason. Max attacked me for this, and suggested to his viewers that I was conceding defeat — not mentioning that I was merely changing the reason I thought his guest was wrong.

(8) Max said his “sources” told him that my higher-ups were telling me to back off. I work for myself, so I have as many earthly higher-ups as Keiser has sources. It was really getting bizarre at this point. Max still hadn’t answered my challenge, and yet he was inventing stories about sources telling him I was being told to back off.

(9) At this point I decided someone like this was probably not all that interested in intellectual exchange. I realize I should have figured this out much earlier.

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