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Here’s a nice overview of what we’re trying to do here at Liberty Classroom:

Before the technological revolution made something like Liberty Classroom possible, we might have been sitting around wondering how to reform the universities. Talk about hopeless.

But in this day and age, we don’t even need to reform the universities. We can simply go around them….

I’ve written a lot of books and articles, and made a lot of YouTube videos, that take direct aim at the establishment view of history and at various forms of anti-market economics. Liberty Classroom does plenty of this as well. But it goes much deeper. It doesn’t just challenge myths and refute fallacies. It builds from the ground up, teaching each course the way it should be taught in the first place.

The better our intellectual foundation, the more formidable and effective we’ll be.

All the lectures can be viewed on a user’s computer or mobile devices, but each one is also available in an audio-only format for use while driving or walking. And each one is accompanied by links to recommended reading and other resources.

We supplement the courses with live sessions, in which users can ask questions directly of the faculty, who appear on their screens. We also have discussion forums, so if there’s something you’d like to know, an article you’d like to answer, or whatever, our faculty and our other members will be glad to help.

Read the whole thing.

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