It’s Black Friday at Liberty Classroom — Extended!

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So you know a student who could use a lifeline to sane professors.

Or a liberty lover who craves the truth about history and economics.

Maybe that person is you.

Then you won’t find a better gift, for them or for yourself, than

At, one subscription gets you access to eleven courses — and we add more every year. Imagine learning the real thing in courses like these:

  • Constitutional History of the U.S.
  • U.S. History to 1877
  • U.S. History Since 1877
  • Austrian Economics: Step by Step
  • Introduction to Logic
  • John Maynard Keynes: His System and Its Fallacies
  • Western Civilization to 1500
  • Western Civilization Since 1500
  • What’s Wrong With Textbook Economics?
  • Freedom’s Progress: The History of Political Thought, Part I
  • The American Revolution: A Constitutional Conflict

Every course is available for download at your convenience, in both video and audio according to your preference. You’ll also find recommended readings, Q&A forums where you can get your questions answered by the experts, and a monthly live Q&A session where faculty take your questions in real time.

Our twelfth course, coming in two weeks, is on the history of political thought — it’s part two of “Freedom’s Progress,” and it’s taught by the great Gerard Casey of University College, Dublin.

Normally, a subscription costs $99 — barely half the price of a single credit hour at a community college, and an outright steal for eleven courses.

But with this Black Friday special — extended through the weekend — a subscription is only $49!

To grab a gift subscription at this special price, no coupon code is necessary. Simply click here.

To treat yourself to a subscription, use coupon code FRIDAY (in all caps) at this link.

As Glenn Jacobs, WWE’s Kane, put it: “I’ve learned more in your courses at than I ever did in high school and college!”

Join thousands of other liberty lovers at!

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